It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. I had been very busy since morning with meeting my clients then working at home but everything went smoothly and I wanna call this day “Such a mint day! “.

昨日は私たちの結婚1周年記念日でした。朝から打ち合わせなどこなして忙しく過ごしましたが、全てがスムーズに行き、とっても完璧な1日でした。(英語豆知識ですが、上記英文で完璧な日のことを「mint day」と表現しました。日本語で言うピン札のことを英語ではmint conditionと言うことから、mintはハーブのミントだけでなく、「完璧な」と言う形容詞としても使えます。)



I know how soppy I am, so I asked Ben for a lunch at Doodle bar where we had our wedding reception last year. At that time the bar was filled with so many flowers for our reception and I still thank our friends Andy&Ya-Hsin who did that great job for us.



We booked to see a ballet tonight and what a coincidence! We met Fernando at the studio! Fernando is a top ballet dancer of the Royal Ballet and also a friend of Vivienne’s. He happened to pop in and when I told him that we were going to the Royal Opera House to see ” The winter’s tale” and he told us he is in it and he would dance for us.



The ballet was about 3 hours long including 2 intervals. So we went to the bar for a drink. Isn’t it interesting to look at the bar which is in the air?



The ballet was absolutely beautiful! I liked the 2nd part the most especially. The set was a  big green tree and blue sky, dancers were wearing colourful costumes and the music! Of course there was an orchestra under the stage but some players also played their instruments on the stage. Fernando told us the music is brand new, composed by British composer Joby Talbot specially for this ballet. We both liked everything.


Fernando invited us back stage and he became our tour guide after his long day. Ben was posing in one of their studios. ( He showed his flexibility off to a professional dancer ;))



Fernando told us toe shoes are very important for ballet dancers and they use tons. Some of dancers he knows use 3 pairs of toe shoes a day.



I told Ben that everything went very well and I felt it has been getting better day by day. Then he told me that next year we might be on stage at the Opera House. Haha!


Thank you very much Fernando, we enjoyed it more because of you!!


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